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All Abord! The Double Stroke Train! Choo Choo!

To keep on board with the doubles bandwagon that we’ve been taking about lately, I figure that I would show you a cool exersice you can do bases around a simple triplet pattern. Although it may seem easy to play at higher tempos it gives your fingers a real workout. Lets take a look at the pattern.

Here we have a simple RLL RLL RLL RLL in tripilets. (remember that a tripilit is equal to 1 quarter note count wise) Practice this slowly and then bring it up to speed, really focus on your fingers as your playing this and keep your grip loose, a tight grip will only slow you down.

Here is the same thing but inverted, LRR LRR LRR LRR. Be sure to practice this sticking just as much as your RLL RLL RLL RLL’s.

Drum set application: This sticking pattern can call for some cool (and wickedly fast sounding) drum fills. To use this in your drum playing simply take your R’s and play them on a Tom and your L’s on your snare. Practice hitting your first tom with the first R, Your second tom with the second R and your floor tom with the Thrid, and so forth and so on. Practice it slow at first until you get the movements right, then bring her up to speed!

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