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An avid drummer, educator and author on all things drums!
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Marching Snare Solo Lick – The 120 Lick

Intense solo lick played over the music from: Save the world (knife party remix) Amazing stick control and tricks throughout this clip! A must watch (I probably watched it 100 times already) Sheet music available here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52689030/The%20120%20Lick.pdf “Here’s a lick I wrote a while back, hope you enjoy it. It’s at 120 bpm, and the [...]

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The Gigging Drummers First Aid Kit!

Most drummers have a supply of spare drum parts available in case of a sudden equipment problem. Spare drums keys, wing nuts and even an extra drumhead or two are of the utmost importance when a problem is encountered. These are common sense items that you just shouldn’t be without during a gig. I have [...]

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Guide: Buying Gear on Ebay!

So you’re on the internet bored at work/school and you stumble upon a great deal on a piece of drum gear you have been drooling over for weeks on ebay.com. Is it to good to be true? Let this guide help you determine that! Things to ask/look for when buying gear on Ebay: 1) Look [...]

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Drum Buying Tips! Read This Before You Buy!

Ok so all that money you saved up from christmas/birthdays/9-5 job is finally burning a hole in your pocket. What better than to blow it on a drum set! Buying a drum set can be either a blessing or a burden, depending on your level of experience with drums. To the beginner buying a drum [...]

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Cymbal Buying Tips!

Ok so you finally saved up some dough working your 9-5 to blow on some drum gear, preferably cymbals. Here are some things you want to take to mind when going out there. Be careful It’s dangerous! 1) Bring Your Own Sticks! – When you go to your local store bring your own sticks to [...]

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Find Musicians To Jam With Today!

In this time and age finding a Band or Musicians to jam with is a ton easier than it was in past years. We have a bunch of free resources we can use to promote ourselves and to find other Musicians. Below are a few tools you can use to further your search: Local Music [...]

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Detecting Cracked Cymbals

Listen: Your first clue to detecting a broken cymbal starts with the smallest variation with the cymbals normal sound. Check the cymbal for any sound difference, this could be a dulling of the crash, decrease in sustain or any different wacky sound. Observe: What you want to look for are cracks. The first place to [...]

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Introduction To Heel Toe!

THE BASS DRUM Should you consider the application of study in technique on the drum set, and analyses in your playing where the bulk of the work is concentrated, you’ll generally find that the bass drum is largely neglected in comparison with the other voices of the kit. There are probably many reasons for this. [...]

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Recording Drums the Affordable Way!

An affordable way to make a recording of your drums that doesn’t sound so affordable There is a saying that goes “there is only one way to do something, and that is the right way” and I am going to prove to you that these words aren’t entirely true. A drum set is the most [...]

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3 Steps to Increase Your Level of Drumming!

There are many ways to increase the quality of your drumming and they can all be summarized into these 3 vital steps. 1. Develop Confidence Many wanna-be musicians will choose the drums because they are shy and want to remain in the background (that’s where I was when I started drumming back in 1976). The [...]

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