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Double Paradiddle Accent Stick Control Exercise

Double Paradiddle Accent Stick Control Exercise. That’s quite the title!

This is one of my personal favorite warm-ups. This exercise is based around the double paradiddle. Please note, when practicing this the notes should all sound like perfectly consistent sixteenth notes (with accents where written). You will need to subdivide for this rudiment. Along with ALL rudiments, practice this very slow until you have the sticking pattern down, then crank up the metronome for a workout! When I first started this exercise, I was doing about 90 BPM evenly, now I can fluently play this exercise at 130+ BPM’s!

Pattern Breakdown: This whole exercise has the same sticking throughout: RLRLRR LRLRLL, with an “accent grid” thrown in to change the feel and interpretation of each pattern.


Playing Tips: You can use the first measure as a “check pattern”, meaning after every measure you play, repeat the first measure again Ex: (1st measure, 2nd measure, 1st measure, 3rd measure, 1st measure, 4th measure, ect..) After you have a strong familiarity with this exercise, you can create your own accent grids and drop the check pattern, or you could make another measure your check pattern!

Have fun and keep practicing!

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