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Find Musicians To Jam With Today!

In this time and age finding a Band or Musicians to jam with is a ton easier than it was in past years. We have a bunch of free resources we can use to promote ourselves and to find other Musicians. Below are a few tools you can use to further your search:

Local Music Stores/Pawn Shops:

These are the first places one can look, check to see if the store/shop has a “Community Post Board” or “Thumb-Tack-Board”. In bigger music stores like guitar center you can usually find these boards near the back of the store by the restrooms. Not only is this a good place to find Musicians, but you can also find cheap gear that people are trying to sell, especially if your in a pawn shop ;) . Once your at the board simply look for “Drummer Wanted” posters. If your having no luck, make up your own flyer in your favorite word processor and post them up in all the local stores, make sure to put on your ad what kind of band you are looking for and what your musical influences/favorite bands are.

Local Clubs:

Again like the stores, clubs usually have the same vibe with a “Thumb-Tack-Board” also located by the bathrooms, or wherever the free music papers are.

Local Colleges/Librarys/Community Center:

These are very similar to going out to local music stores, simply look for the “Community Post Board” or “Thumb-Tack-Board” for all the info you need! Remember the more flyers you put up the more people are going to see it, and your chances of finding a band are much greater!

Local Music Paper:

If you live in a greater metropolis or close near one, chances are the city has a free local music paper. Check in the back in the Classifieds to find bands/musicians that are looking for drummers. If you still have no luck with the paper you can look to spend anywhere from 5 to 15 bucks to get your ad in the paper.


The internet is a great resource to find what your looking for. A few sites I would check out are, Craigslist.com and any other local music sites you may find by simply doing a google search for “insert your city here, local music”. Many of these sites you will run into will have free classified section in them for you to post in. Make sure you find the correct section in the site, like with craigslist you have to go into the “musicians” section to post. Every site will vary just look and make sure your in the right place before posting.


Networking takes a little more effort than going on the computer and posting on a site, or printing out an ad to put up in a store. You have to actually go out to local shows and meet new people. Talk to bands, talk to the band members about other bands or if they have any friends in bands. Scoop there brains for info, the more the better.

Well I hope that these help you out in your quest for complete band domination. Be sure to check back here at rudimentstudies.com for more great Articles, Tips and Tricks, And SLAMMIN Drum Exercises!

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