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Flam Paradiddle Stick Control Exercise

The Flam Paradiddle is one of the more difficult rudiments to play well, most beginning drummer or student has trouble with the flam paradiddle. There is something about putting that grace note on that first hit that changes the feel and motions involved.

Before playing the Flam Paradiddle or as I like to call “Flamadiddle”, be sure to know you are comfortable playing both Flams and Single Paradiddles by themselves. Your going to want to work on making the flams flow and keeping your stick rebound height equal. Below is a break down of the Flamadiddle, first broken down into quarter notes and then viewed in 16th notes.

Pattern Breakdown:Below is a break down of the Flam Paradiddle (or flamadiddle), first broken down into quarter notes and then viewed in 16th notes.

Ok, so now that we got that down (and clean right?) here is an exercise that I use to tone up my Flamadiddle. Be sure to watch the sticking pattern on the third flam. It’s a tricky little guy. Practice it slow and work your way up to speed, making sure to keep each note consistent to the timing, and your sticking should look smooth.

As with every exercise on here, I highly encourage you to play them SLOW. And then work them up too speed when you are comfortable and everything is sounding smooth! Have fun and don’t worry, those flamadiddles wont bite….To hard ;)



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