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Paradiddle Stick Control Exercise

This lesson is one of my favorite warm ups, and all around exercise. I developed this exercise around the Single Paradiddle, and a few variants of it. The Paradiddle is a key rudiment that a lot of drummers use in writing fills, and groves all together! Some things to take in note, when practicing this you need to focus on the strokes being very even and not sloppy at all. Practice this very slow until you have the sticking pattern down, then crank up the metronome for an awesome workout!

Pattern Breakdown: The pattern starts off as a Single Paradiddle, RLRR LRLL then switches into an Inverted Paradiddle, RRLR LLRL, And on to another variation RLLR LLRL inspired by Steve Gadd.

Playing tips: Play each section of the pattern 4 times before going on to the next. So you would play the Single Paraddidle 4 times, switch to the inverted Paradiddle, and so on. Again like I mentioned above, practice this slow at first. Then crank up the BPM’s!!! This simple exercise will greatly improve your sticking and playing performance!!!

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