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Playing With Proper Form?! Who Would of Thought?!

In this site we will be going over some Awesome Exercises you can play on the snare drum and practice pad! These exercises will help you build hand-eye coordination, stick control, speed, and overall dexterity on the snare and drum set! But if your not playing with proper form, it will only hurt you in your progress!

You would be surprised at how many of my students come in (that have been playing for years and years) and cant even hold their sticks properly! If you are a beginner student, these are some great tips to help you develop good habits, that wont come back later to bite ya you know where!

Here are a few important factors we need to keep in mind while playing exercises:

1) Your seat should be high enough so that your legs are perpendicular to the floor and at a 90 degree angle.

2) Sit up straight, don’t slouch or look off to the side while playing

3) Hold your sticks properly. Pinch the stick with your index and thumb, let your other fingers cup the stick lightly.

4) Use your wrists to throw the sticks into the drum, not your arms.

5) Control the rebound with your bottom three fingers for doubles/rolls/flams.

6) Watch your stick height on the rebound; make sure that each stroke is even. Use a mirror or a window to watch yourself.

7) Play with clean even strokes, watching your stick height and working with your fingers not your arms.

8) Always use a metronome!

One more thing that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, the sticks you practice on the pad with should be a heavier/thicker stick than you normally play with. So if you normally play with 5a’s consider using a 5b, or better yet find the biggest marching stick you can and start using them. There is also a company called “diggits” that makes stick weights. I like these because you can add weight to your stick that you are used to playing with.

So now you have a good idea on what to do, try to remember and incorporate the into your practice/playing routines.

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