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Introduction To Heel Toe!

THE BASS DRUM Should you consider the application of study in technique on the drum set, and analyses in your playing where the bulk of the work is concentrated, you’ll generally find that the bass drum is largely neglected in comparison with the other voices of the kit. There are probably many reasons for this. [...]

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All Abord! The Double Stroke Train! Choo Choo!

To keep on board with the doubles bandwagon that we’ve been taking about lately, I figure that I would show you a cool exersice you can do bases around a simple triplet pattern. Although it may seem easy to play at higher tempos it gives your fingers a real workout. Lets take a look at [...]

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Get A Grip With Your Double Strokes!

A bunch of the rudiments (especially rolls ) are based around playing doubles i.e. a bunch of RR and LL sticking patterns. So this exercise was made to work on giving your fingers a workout and increasing your stick control when it comes to playing diddles, doubles, and rolls! Below is a warm up for [...]

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Flam Paradiddle Stick Control Exercise

The Flam Paradiddle is one of the more difficult rudiments to play well, most beginning drummer or student has trouble with the flam paradiddle. There is something about putting that grace note on that first hit that changes the feel and motions involved. Before playing the Flam Paradiddle or as I like to call “Flamadiddle”, [...]

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Paradiddle Stick Control Exercise

This lesson is one of my favorite warm ups, and all around exercise. I developed this exercise around the Single Paradiddle, and a few variants of it. The Paradiddle is a key rudiment that a lot of drummers use in writing fills, and groves all together! Some things to take in note, when practicing this [...]

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